Allowing The Horse To Jump Higher And Further

This is a short but important notice for all those of you who love horses. It is especially important if you have a small troop of horses in your custody. Most of you reading this notice right now are not necessarily part of a privileged minority that keep horses on their smallholding purely for the love of it and for recreational purposes. Recreation entails all horse owners and their friends the opportunity of mounting well-trained and well-kept horses and heading off on a journey into the countryside on horseback, just as our pioneers did once upon a time.

This notice becomes even more important for those of you who are using horses for your own sporting purposes. If you are still allowed to hunt in your natural environment, the horse must be well harnessed and trained to never fear the wild. Horses are extremely sensitive at the best of times and even for the most hardened huntsman it remains a test of the will to allow both man and his beast, in this case, the horse, to transgress challenging boundaries and obstacles. Speaking of such boundaries and obstacles, there is one very popular sporting arena that is unique due to its confinements.

horse jumps

The show jumping sport is as old as the hills. It has been popular among the affluent for centuries and is easily recognized as one of those sports for the kings and their queens. Fortunately, the sport and all its horse jumps and livery have become more accessible to the everyman and his womenfolk than ever before. But it still comes with its responsibilities. In allowing your horses to jump higher and further than ever before, such being your ambition, it is still very necessary to safeguard the horses’ welfare and health.