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What Do You Do When Your Cat Gets Really Ill?

Fortunately, this does not happen very often, but what if it did. Fortunately, your smart and brave little cat is so meticulous in the care and attention she pays to her small, furry little feline body. You would have to watch her all day long, and all night long, she’s a nocturnal creature, don’t you forget, to count the number of times she will be washing herself. You wouldn’t need a calculator for this. Just factor in how often she eats and how often she naps.

And why are they called cat naps? Short naps, perhaps? Anyway, she will most certainly be cleaning herself scurrilously before and after she goes to the bathroom. And watching her do that is really quite fascinating. Just watch how well she takes care of her toilet. This is so unlike dogs who simply leave it there for you to pick up later. Dirty boy! There you go! Now, the first noticeable sign that your cat could be really ill is when she stops eating.

The longer you leave her in this state, the thinner she will become. But of course, you won’t be doing this. You love her too much to let anything bad happen to her. So, without any delay, you’ll be booking her in as quickly as possible with the specialist veterinary surgeon. The vets working at this practice love your cat just as much as you do. Imagine that? So much so that should a worst case scenario prevail, they’ll be giving her a dose of specialized cat anesthesia.

cat anesthesia

While they work to make her well again, she won’t be feeling any pain. It will be as though she is having an extremely long cat nap.