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The Reasons You Need Horse Liability Insurance

Millions of families in the United States own horses, and while these animals are certainly loved for all of the work and entertainment they can provide, too few families realize just how important liability insurance for their horses can be. 

The following are just a few of the reasons why every horse owner ought to have liability insurance on their horses.

In Case of an Emergency or Accident

Horses are large animals, and because of this, equine liability insurance is essential.  Here are just a couple of scenarios in which you will be happy you had insurance:

·    Your horse gets out of the pasture and into a road, causing damage to a car and/or injury to the driver

·    Injury caused by the horse getting “spooked” and kicking someone

·    A visitor rides the horse and falls off, injuring themselves

·    Any sort of property damage to another’s property caused by the horse

While we would all love to believe that these scenarios won’t occur with our horses, they are far from out of the ordinary.

A Huge Financial Impact

Under any of the above scenarios, the owner of the horse could end up being liable for any damage or injury caused.  While horses are relatively expensive animals, horse owners are not generally rich.  This means that the financial burden that the owner will have to bear in case of one of these emergencies is significant.

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Your Horse, Your Responsibility

As a horse owner, you are responsible for anything that your horse might happen to do.  Even if your horse is well-trained, a number of things could happen where there is damage or injury caused.  It is necessary that you take the proper steps to be responsible for your horse.  If you don’t, you’ll likely be sorry.